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Not that great

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Too many stops nowadays and they don’t get happy if you finish early before they changed there time it was good place to work but now it a lot of work for little money
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Good people great environment good leadership i guess learning curves and nice staff hard work but pays well thats all i have to say about this department
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Easy Job

Easy job. All you have to do is deliver packages, watch out for dogs and have a lot of patience. Fast pace, but you get overtime. Not a bad place to start work if you want to be on your own and not have someone over your shoulders.
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Great place to work

I worked at Amazon for 2 years now and I enjoy it. The people are great. The culture is great work's not too hard and time really goes fast. So I'd recommend it to anybody looking for a job but the standing can be rough on some people. It doesn't bother me too much .
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Hard work, clique management

Some of DSP management is VERY clique and LAZY. Vans never fixed properly. The fleet is always broken and not working properly, constantly either have a van that the cameras dont work, or almost daily van needs to be jumped while out on road all while i have 200+ stops
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Hard work

Not worth the pay and bad management …gotta rescue someone at the end of your shift management is terrible and they don’t care about you , and no bonuses
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Your supervisors don’t care about you’re safety more than they do their vehicles. If you dare get into an accident, no matter who’s fault it is, your terminated. Rescues are almost mandatory and they don’t appreciate you for moving with a sense of urgency when you finish first..just send you across state somewhere els to pick up more work.
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Good people, bad management

Awesome place to work. I understand management has a boss. Some management use fear or intimidation. Good benefits. Good food. Good people. Good PTO, Good UPT.
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Steady work

Good work lots of deliveries and high expectations but doable. I wish our dsp paid by the 10hr block not hourly because I was the most productive employee but paid the least. Or asked to help the people dragging their feet.
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Productive but hard

240 packages the want you to deliver daily and it tough but I lost 20 lbs in 5 months. Apts are really tough sometimes just finding the apts in a large complex.
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Find a good DSP

The dsp I worked for was great only complaint is “full time” isn’t really that if you’re on standby 2/4 days and you can’t pick up extra shifts but dispatchers are able to take routes on their days off which I think is un fair. But as an amazon driver it’s nice working alone
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10/10 Would never work here again

I initially applied for the job because the job ad stated you could work 40-60 hours a week. After my first week of training (15 hrs) I worked 20 hours the second week. Weeks 3-4 I was scheduled for 40 hours, and told to go home at least one of those days each week because there weren't enough routes. I asked management for more hours after the first week and was told extra hours are only given as a reward to top performers. A typical day includes arriving at delivery station, checking delivery vehicle prior to route, and then loading packages and delivering them to their destinations. Usually about 200-300 packages across 100-150 stops. The job is easy, when the hours are available. The hardest part of the job is convincing yourself its worth it to come back on the days you're scheduled and sent home.

Pro érvek

2x15 minute breaks paid 1 30 min break unpaid, Benefits

Kontra érvek

Scheduled hours aren't guaranteed, No bathrooms on routes in Country
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Not bad

So far so good! I recently just started out and it looks promising, just wondering about the opportunities for growth. Eventually would like to drive a bigger vehicle
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Work load way to heavy never enough time

Terrible pay, no bathroom all day while you’re driving, they pile you with more packages then one person could ever handle and give you the route that nobody wants. I think they would retain more people if they raised the pay and hired more help. I would never work here again personally

Pro érvek

Work alone

Kontra érvek

No breaks, no bathrooms
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Delivery driver

Being a delivery driver is not an easy job. Its physical work and this company doesn’t show appreciation for their employees. Management play the favoritism alot and its very unfair.
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Cool Job

Was a cool job if you want variety they have it depends on what you ask and how they communicate. However, the pay is weekly but you have the option to do daily pay.
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Love/Hate Relationship

- Delivering 300 - 350+ packages daily- 160 - 185+ stops daily after normal training - MUST be organized one way or another to make it here- Work culture is very fast paced on load out & lonely during deliveries sometimes- Job makes you work through all weather conditions - Hardest part is having to go through Mental hurdles throughout the day & tough working conditions - Most enjoyable is learning the city streets & seeing beautiful views on route also talking to some cool customers

Pro érvek

Extremely flexible work schedule, Cool Co workers, Nice views during route

Kontra érvek

Unprofessional Management, No Career Growth, Hours cut short
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Depends on what you like

I love working for Amazon I think it’s a great company. I love the freedom of being outside & not confined to a building all day. Pay is pretty good. However, can be physically exhausting at times. stops average for 140-180 stops per day. You do get to work alone which is a plus and not too much micromanaging unless you are continuously behind with your stops. Flexible scheduling
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Flexible schedule

It was nice at first, independently working, low management, benefits are achievable, then they overload you with bags and overflow, the algorithm is horrible, the map making system is sub-par, possible to get bitten by dogs at any time

Pro érvek

Sense of freedom

Kontra érvek

Overworked and underpaid
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Dead end job

This job is a gig, should only be a temporary job until you find something better. I would not recommend being a delivery driver long term. No growth, no culture, no appreciation for your hard work
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Fun fast paced but can be stressful . Peak season will always be tough and prime week will also always be tough. But if you have a good employees, anger management it can go very smoothly.
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