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Overworked and Underpaid

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Body-breaking work for very little pay. High expectations - low rewards for hard work. Stressful. Greed/Management profit over safetyNo holiday payment
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Bon salaire bon véhicule,mais beaucoup trop de colis a livrer, route pas bien planifié, volume de colis exagéré ,protocole de livraison trop long pour le nombre de temp a livrer
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Fun if you have a great DSP

4 day work week which was great, good thing is that you get to learn new places daily and get great exercise while on the job. The bad thing is that after you finish your route you will most likely have to rescue which just makes your day longer.
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Enjoyed the freedom

Routes were far out but i loved the customers and the incentives given by the company. Always offered gifts, prizes or money to keep us happy and ecxited to come to wirk!
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It's an ok job

It's an ok job imo. The pay could be better for all the driving and constant walking you are doing. All in all could be better if Amazon would be a little more lenient on its drivers.
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Take advantage of hard workers

Poor management who punishes hard workers by giving them more work while lazy people can coast by. Dispatch definitely picks favorites and the work load can be too much at times.
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All he could think about was how it would all end. There was still a bit of uncertainty in the equation, but the basics were there for anyone to see. No matter how much he tried to see the positive, it wasn't anywhere to be seen. The end was coming and it wasn't going to be pretty.
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Good pay

Great job with great pay! Summer and winter times can get a little tense due to weather conditions but other than that I have zero complaints with the job
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The word was good. It was a little stressful at time but as time goes on it get harder and harder. But overall good place to work if you like to deliver a lot of packages
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A very temporary job

A job that will help you loose weight, but it’s like high school over again. To many grey areas in scorecards that they won’t tell you about until it’s to late.
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Don’t work here

They pay you bare minimum and this is a billion dollar company. It’s not worth it. Paid bi weekly and management never responds when you need them. Do not recommend
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I recently had the opportunity to delve into the world of Amazon's DSP (Demand-Side Platform), and I must say that my experience left me with mixed feelings. While I can't say it was entirely good or bad, one word that accurately describes my journey is "confusing."To begin with, navigating through the DSP's interface was like embarking on a labyrinthine adventure. The multitude of options and settings left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. It's clear that Amazon aims to provide advertisers with an abundance of tools, but for someone new to the platform, it can be challenging to figure out where to start.The whole process of setting up campaigns and ad groups, while undoubtedly comprehensive, seemed unnecessarily intricate. It almost felt like Amazon was hiding some of its features in plain sight, making it tough to optimize campaigns effectively. The sheer volume of data and metrics available was both a blessing and a curse – it's great to have access to so much information, but making sense of it all can be a daunting task.One aspect that further added to the confusion was the constant updates and changes within the DSP. While I appreciate Amazon's dedication to improving its platform, it often felt like I was playing catch-up with new features and policies. It would be helpful if there were more transparent resources and support to guide users through these changes seamlessly.Additionally, the terminology used in the DSP can be perplexing, especially for newcomers. Abbreviations and technical jargon are thrown around freely, making it challenging to grasp the full scope - 
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Stay away

A very dangerous job. You have to deal with dangerous dogs, and an unreliable GPS system on regular basis. The work is so hard for only $19 an hour. I would find a different line of work.
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Bad Management

management do not know what they are doing, pay is not good encouraged to skip breaks and drive too fast, lack of proper equipment and training provided.
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Independent hard work

Working as a driver is hard work but it’s nice to be on your own without a manager breathing down your neck constantly. I just bump my tunes and put in the work leave at the end of the day feeling good. Basically get paid to drive and workout.
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Good pay hard job

Good pay but a physically demanding job you load the van with over 280 packages and deliver usually around 190-200 stops , good pay and benefits with pto
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Not bad

Pros:Keeps you in shapeVery little customer interaction Listen to music / podcasts all day 4 days on 3 days off Consistent hoursPTOCons:Daunting workload most days Pay could be better The camera in the van can be difficult to get used to. Hard to follow all safety rules while also delivering hundreds of packages in a timely manner.
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Unorganized, overworked, disrespected

If you drive the speed limit and stopped at each location for 10seconds to deliver a package, you might work over time because they think you somehow can go faster than what the law allows. Aside from management saying I am useless as a human, the work flow is usually reasonable if you are good in the same area. Some areas just have to many stops and they want you to follow the directions perfectly and even then their system makes you do a uturn every few deliveries. If you dont get a truck for delivering that day they send you home and you don't get paid even though they advertised that you would in the hiring process( told you'd be able to clean around the warehouse.)If a union actually does anything for the local Amazon warehouse or if the company itself gets its act together, it is a good place to work(some stress is involved.) I would recommend a competitor, better pay, better organization, better acknowledgement for being a living breathing person.
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Stressful, too much work

Too many stops. Have to load your own van ar start of day. I learned how to managad time. Management isnt the problem, Amazon is. Get to be on road alone, but rushed to finish route, not time for lunch breaks AT ALL, or any 15 minute breaks. The hardest part of the job is pretty much everything. Only good part is pay and being alone
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Hard Work

Working as a delivery driver is a lot of hard laborious work. Your delivering packages rain or shine, when it’s really hot or cold. Depending on the DSP they could be really strict and uncaring about attendance
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Not great, other driving opportunities out there

There are many other companies hiring drivers that would be better. I know UPS and FEDEX would be an improvement to any small, third party company that has a contract with Amazon.
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