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Very unprofessional company

If you are considering working here don't. Runaway as fast as you can very unprofessional company love for full-time 40 hours a week because I was guaranteed full-time 40 hours a week with Alorica however I barely made 10 hours per week once out of training. There was never enough workload according to the company and people were always told to clock out. Also if you have issues with your equipment you might as well go ahead and clock out they give you a 2-hour window to solve an issue but won't let you truly solve it you just keep going around in circles with their supposed tech support and get told that you will be called back which of course takes over your 2-hour limit so you have to clock out. The next day you're back and you still have the same issue so you make no money. Leadership was truly a joke. No assistance at all when it came to what you were supposed to actually be doing spent six weeks in training only to get on the floor and do something that had absolutely nothing to do what you trained for. Also was originally told the equipment fee would be $200 deducted from my paycheck only to find out when extra money was taken out that oh yeah we changed it to $300. Overall completely unprofessional place to work I would definitely recommend looking for something else.

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Work from home

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No support. Poor communication. Management untrustworthy

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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 1,0/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 1,0/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 1,0/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 2,0/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 1,0/5 csillag
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Worst company

The worst company to work for. If you want to go nowhere apply here. They never give raises whether you've been with them for a year or 10years your salary is the same. Cheap company does nothing for their employees(one time we were given a $5 giftcard for xmas). When your department closes they then bounce you around.
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Many opportunities for advancement, if you apply yourself.

Friendly environment. A culture of "family" and a kind atmosphere. Easy to become distracted by the fun. Not difficult to advance.
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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 2,9/5 csillag
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Vezetőség: 2,7/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 2,8/5 csillag

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