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Helping people in need of assistance

Though it is meaningful work and it helps others. The rules were strenuous. You could not miss a day of work even if you are in the hospital. Points were given even after a worker dies while employed there. Easy to learn work but the employers did not care about parenting issues or life issues. If you are rushed from work to the hospital you get points till fired. They closed their doors to our call center with just a moments notice. Great job for those with no family and no health issues and can grab a job after they quickly close up on the employees. Most of us worked there for up to 17 years and just a final check. The name changed 4 times while i was there thats when you know its about to be over

Pro érvek

Much work while open bonuses were amazing if you can keep up.

Kontra érvek

Points whether hospitalized or you die while working there

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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 1,0/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 1,0/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 1,0/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 1,0/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 1,0/5 csillag
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Worst company

The worst company to work for. If you want to go nowhere apply here. They never give raises whether you've been with them for a year or 10years your salary is the same. Cheap company does nothing for their employees(one time we were given a $5 giftcard for xmas). When your department closes they then bounce you around.
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Many opportunities for advancement, if you apply yourself.

Friendly environment. A culture of "family" and a kind atmosphere. Easy to become distracted by the fun. Not difficult to advance.
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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 2,9/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 2,7/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 2,7/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 2,7/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 2,8/5 csillag

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