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Great Work Life balance

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Great management and work to growth. Great company to build your skills. The employees are friendly and always open to assist when you need assistance.
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Rudderless management no support for employees. American company outsourcing most of it's jobs. Used to be a great place to work. Stock buy back devastating
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Pretty boring job

if you are good in sales go for it. If not I wouldn't even try. Either wait for walk ins or call people all day. Nothing really enjoyable about the job.
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Stressful with minimal assistance

Stressful work with no help from staff.The pay is good. There is room for advancement only if you look how they want you to look. A lot of favoritism.
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Remote Working

It was difficult to work with a manager who was never available and worked remotely, and had an issue with me working remotely. Once Covid hit there wasn't a problem to work remotely.
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Work at home, great benefits and time off is generous.

It can be stressful especially at first but the pay is average, benefits above average and paid time off is generous. It would be nice if the pay was a little better or if they had bonuses.

Pro érvek

Gift cards etc.

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High medical deductible, job stressful at times
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Producer Sales

New Buisness focused, hyper sales over service requirements. Cold calls are a commonplace requirement as well. Not many benefits. Good starting point
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Not great

Job is hard. People want what is cheaper and all state is not necessarily cheap. Was put on a call timer and expected to be on an active call for a minimum of a large amount of hours. Micromanaged to the point of unbearable
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Loved my work family

I left due to personal reasons right before COVID hit hard, but would have loved to stay. the office I worked in was such a family oriented environment and so supportive of each other and your goals.
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Working for an agent/agency office, never know what you're going to get

If you're working at an exclusive Allstate agency, be sure you really take time to get to know the agent. The agent is a help or a hindrance, be sure to get promises they tell you in interviews on paper in your contract. Range most agents pay about $13-$20/hour, even if you have 15+ years of insurance experience, your max pay would be $25/hr. From what I've seen, the starting pay is usually $13.50/hr with most agencies, hard to make the ends meet if you have a month you don't meet numbers for commission/bonus.Also, Allstate has made it exceedingly more difficult to earn customers, their rate increases over the last few years are pricing them out of the competitive market and their guidelines for customers that will even qualify for their policies are ridiculously stringent right now. It will be up to YOU to sell value over price, which not many customers can afford in the current economy. You'll most likely be leaning heavily on Allstate's "Good Hands Promise" without a lot to support the claim.
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Underpaid, boring, no self-growth

Good easy stable day to day job, but never got a raise, not much room for self-growth, boring for most part. Didn’t offer health insurance for everyone. High work volume for short amount of employees. Understaffed, undervalued.
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Nice place to work

I worked as a contractor and it was a decent place to workPay was good and coworkers were cooperative, the office was in a nice location, parking will be tough if you are late but atleast it’s free because it’s not downtown but suburbs of Chicago
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Overworked and Underpaid.

I learned a lot working for this company but I wouldn't recommend anyone working here unless you're a glutton for pain. They are slowly moving all the departments overseas. Management does not care about work-life balance. Management cares more about production than quality of work.
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Good Benefits and Work From Home

Allstate had good benefits as well as a pension in addition to 401k. After a year you are eligible to transfer to another position within the company. Depending on your position there may be room for growth or not. On the downside, this office has a high turnover rate due to low pay and poor mgt. But like any job, it’s what you make it.
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Don’t recommend the BDA role

New comp started this year. Horrible pay and little to no support. started a new inside sales and they get all the leads. BDA role will be phased out?
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Good opportunity

No complaints. Great opportunity with plenty of chances to succeed. Attitude is everything and must be willing to adapt in order to meet your goals.
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I hated going to work everyday

Between the agony of the phone calls for constant rate increases with customers, and the poor management. I hated going to work everyday. I loved insurance when I first started out. Allstate has progressively made it harder to sell to customers and serve them as well. The underwriting department is super hard to work with and it’s a “figure it out” on your own environment.
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Productive fun but also stressful at times

Sometimes we have a cold leads that are very annoying because we have to keep calling them even if they don’t answer and sometimes we’re not as competitive as the other companies so sometimes explaining why allstate is better can be quite redundant otherwise I like everyone there so far
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The job will fit who you are.

Allstate is a good company to work for if you want to advance in the industry. I’ve dabbled in other areas of insurance. My position here was a new experience. I came into the company expecting the job to be so much more than it is. I feel powerless to give effective service to my customer. I don’t like to lie, even if it’s for employment. You’re messing with my words, I don’t speak lies. I wan to do so much more for these people. So, I’ve opted for my adjusters license. I hope this road will give me the option to help people who really need the assistance after a great loss.
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Disorganized and metrics driven. The salary was not bad and it's 100% remote. However the workload is too much and you will work 60 hours or more to keep up!
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Good benefits

No complaints. Good pay and benefits. Great pto. Favoritism happens in promotions but where doesn’t it happen. Some estimating goals are ridiculous as well as some reinspections.
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