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Intense Place to mwork

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Requires intense focus on detail & the ability to multi-task diverse areas of responsibility including working with the demands of various broad-based constituencies.
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Good place to work

Good place to work. I’ve been working here for a few years. I don’t have anything negative to say. There’s room to grow many different departments within the company too.
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Not enough opportunities

Very limited opportunities and lots of driving time for no or little pay. Management had their favorites and training was ok. Met some good people along the way.
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Good work place

Good work place in general. Training is good and so are the working hours. Company provided tools and vehicle is great. Manager is great to work for and helps out often.
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Great Company

Although they are a large company they really show they care about their employees. They have tons of resources that will help you with life in general.
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Great job if you have a heart for sales

Has the potential to make lots of money. You basically work your own hours and make your own schedule. It’s not for the faint of heart if you expect a paycheck in your hand at the end of the day you have to go and earn it for yourself. It’s absolutely a numbers game, if you put the work in you’ll reap the benefits.
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Manager was great, motivated team learned a lot about sales

Great place to work and paved the way for sales for me, manager was very motivating and did a lot for the team. 10/10 recommend if you can handle D2D sales
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Management was horrible

Management was all over the place, the inventory was always incorrect online, however the technician was constantly blamed for it. The union did not fight for necessary wage increase. Also some management only seems to care about bonuses and numbers instead of assisting the customer or technician with the job.

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401k and medical/dental

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Not enough pay for the amount of work expected.
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Great Work Home from atmosphere

Double Standards when it came to Employees because I was always getting calls where agents hung up on the customer but was reprimanded. I had call where a Customer and I got into verbal exchange and my headset disconnected but it was decided that I hung up
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Work here at your own risk

Training feels like you're getting information overload. Management doesn't have the best communication and the company seems like it's pretty short staffed, back to back angry calls 24/7. Assistance in pods are not helpful they talk to you like you have been there for years and patronize you if you don't understand
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Benefits are great

Work life was horrible. Being worried if being fired every minute. Honestly, insurance was great. They from the start will only select 4 people from the 50 they hire and those others will slowly get fired until they hire a new massive group.

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Great benefits

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Bad calls, bad organizing, different policy each week.
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While the company has great values, they seem to just be talking points

The company talks a lot about values that are great, but they dont seem to be upheld in most cases. From outsourcing an entire department, to making stats unobtainable, not listening to feedback, and unrealistic expectations for schedule adherence. In my role as an Emergency Dispatch Operator, we have no sick time. If you call out of a single shift in a month, you are written up. In other words, being sick is not tolerated. The company almost never sides with you, when a customer submits a survey that doesnt apply to you (made clear in the comments of the survey) it sticks anyways, tanking your score. These metrics are a direct influence on your raises, promotions, and other advancements in the company. It seems as if they are kept at an intentionally impossible standard to hold you down. The scoring system (currently, maybe it will change) is unreasonable to determine your customer satisfaction rating. There are 3 groups, promoters, detractors, and neutral. Promoters are 9-10/10, neutral is 7-8/10, negative is 6 or below/10. A single negative survey seems to weigh just as much as 3-4 perfect score surveys. This is all just a dice roll for your stats, especially when it's up to chance whether people submit surveys, surveys as a whole are predisposed to having negative responses (people who are upset are more likely to do a survey than people who are satisfied). The work is non-stop. In an 8 hour shift you can expect to take 100-150 calls. Even with this extremely high call volume through the entire shift, you will still be considered either unproductive or barely productive - 
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Over worked under appreciated

Traveling up to 4 hours per appointment, not paid for the first or last hour of the day, managers that don't care about your drive time or home life, mandatory over time.
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Always there...every call received must be taken as positive one.

Working as Response officer needs one to be alert at all times when in uniform... Respect and integrity to your job is very vital because any time is tea time... South Africa is a very bad when it comes to crime and we are always there and the first to respond and report after.
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Great place to work and room for growth!

I learned quite a lot during the time I was employed with the company. Good work environment, lots of culture, Co-workers were encouraging, very respectful and helpful. Highly recommend.
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Worst Job Ever

This is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. You are required to do 8 hours of overtime a week (Two 12 hour days) and management makes you feel like “not a team player” for not doing more. Since they are open 24/7 you must work holidays and might have to even be locked in the building to work during a hurricane. No real room for advancement. If someone calls out of work you might be forced to work four hours of their shift and are punished more for refusing then the person who called out. They are extremely under staffed for the amount of accounts they have so work is non stop with only two 15 minute breaks.
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Good and bad

It’s a great place to work if you like fast paced. Calls are normally back to back. The attendance policy is very strict and you are sick or need to take a day off, it can become a problem. You earn pto time, most of the time can’t get it approved because of them being short staffed. It’s good money but can be very stressful.
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They have alot of overtime opportunities, you can work as much overtime as you want. It is unlimited and also they offer a surge pay most times on top of that

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shift bids
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empty promises

I went with high expectations and promises. the training was limited, to find product knowledge you were expected to google answers rather than interfere with experienced staff and waste their time. Training was through peers and you were expected to compensate them with splitting your commissions. Manager could not train as they did not understand the systems.

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Little training and support
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Overworked and no job security

Good luck trying to balance a personal life with constant mandatory overtime. Long hours and micro management. Extremely unorganized and poor scheduling. Constantly changing focus on what is important and priority. Under appreciated workers and unhealthy work environment due to unrealistic expectations. 10 year employee and can say that when I think it can't get any worse it does...... currently looking for other job prospects.
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The overall experience was horrific. Terrible manamemt installers constantly running over mgmt. the hourly people scheduling were all taking money from the installers Worst job I ever had
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