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Jó munkahely. Kevés fizetésen kívüli juttatás. Kevés, de modern témájú projekt.
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Good company

a well stablished company, though there are managers inside that making it stressful and became stagnant, sometimes they dont take opinion and inconsiderate.
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Good vibes and caring Team Leads.

The TL’s really care about you more than the Client we work for.I wholeheartedly wish they would offer remote/hybrid for the role I do(content moderation).It’s very draining having to see sensitive content and being in the same office space. It feels a bit like a prison. They should offer us a choice on that.That being said. The pay is good. When you work nights it’s even better. Everyone is very nice and quite productive and HR are very helpful.
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Everything is quite fast-paced but in the project that I was in, it was very collaborative between team members. Maybe more involvement from management to know the state of the workers.
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Trainings and certification is not a problem however there are clients that aren't fun to work with.

There are clients that aren't really fun to work with coz they look down on you. Fast track of positions are only valid if you're favorite. Yearly salary increase are not that high.

Pro érvek

Wfh set up

Kontra érvek

Toxic client, favoritism with the managers
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Good work place

I was with accenture for 4 years. Pay is not that big compared to the company I'm with now but ghey did provide other benefits such as purchasing stocks etc. I left them because of poor management from the people in the acvount I was in. Too much politics.
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Ambiente lavorativo stimolante

Come ogni ambiente lavorativo, la serenità con cui si lavora dipende molto dal team in cui ti trovi. Fino ad ora non ho mai avuto esperienze negative, ed ho trovato sempre colleghi e colleghe cortesi e disponibili. I ritmi di lavoro passano dall'essere alti a bassi, e tutto sommato si riesce ad avere un buon equilibrio tra vita privata e lavoro
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good experience

great learning experience, started my career at accenture as fresher. learnt a lot from the seniors in my time. Overall a very good learning experience
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Overall good experience. But salary is low in entry level

Overall good experience. But salary is low in entry level.transport facilities are very good and women safety precautions are to be appreciated.the work will be depend upon the project you are working
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Great culture and people

Excellent staff and team. Worked internally and was happy with culture. Opportunities and benefits are there and should be taken seriously. I enjoy the people and work.
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Learning opportunities and people

Learning opportunities and people were some of the best things. good culture where they promote diversity and inclusion. innovation is encouraged. Most employees come with years of experience

Pro érvek

wfh, flexible timings

Kontra érvek

work life balance
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Lots of learning opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to learn new things and work with a variety of different people. You get to own your career and work on what interests you.
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Cloud Operations teams are good

Pros:- Lot of free certifications- Resource access- Monthly trainings - New learnings (I you want to implement on your own)Cons:- Slow pace in project- Low Pay compared to Product base orgs.
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Productive and fun at work place

Productive and fun at work place . People are understanding and very cooperative. Good chance to enhance your technical skills. Internal job switch is also easy. Productive and fun at work place .
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excellent to work for

i had a good experience working here , memorable experience. not to far to work for. management is good.workplace is ggood too, i enjoy my last 3 years working here it was good.
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Work is work

Work life balance is great, you are never pressured to work outside of your 40 hours. Not sure what “culture” they are talking about. Overall decent job with many promotional opportunities.
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Good Company .........High Salary.............Good managementLaptop providedFar from homeBut long hours sometimes I experienced not having a free time.
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Good place to work

Good place to work as a fresher. Project allocation process is not good. They will tag you to any random support project or which ever is present at the time of your joining. You might have to be on bench if no project was assigned to you before joining.

Pro érvek

good work life balance, good transport facility

Kontra érvek

compensation can be better, project allocation is not as per your choice
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Great place to work!

Definitely a great place to work! Benefits are great and they a lot of activities are organized to keep employees engaged. Training and development opportunities are also a plus.
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It's fun working in ACN but it depends on the project and management

I recently resigned in Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer. I really appreciate the company but I'm not lucky with the project and management. They micromanage us and tell me that I'm stupid and have no common sense. It's just one of the core values in Accenture is to be a truly human. I guess my manager forgot that. I have no complaint in my work as a developer but I can't work with a manager that always shame me in a team meeting. It greatly affects my mental health.

Pro érvek

Paid holidays

Kontra érvek

Jerk managers
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fast paced environment

easy interview but the salary offer for an entry level position for back office its kinda low. But i heard a lots of feedbacks that this company have good benefits and you will get a career growth, that's why i still trying my luck here and gain more experience.
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