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Great people

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I really loved the people I worked with her, but the terminal manager was not my favorite boss. I always felt like I had to work twice as hard to earn respect and fair treatment. Would never work there again.
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Cool place to work sometimes. Alot of work at times back breaking. Here to work. If you are a great worker the pay will follow eventually follow. Do your work.
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Good pay and benefits

Good place to work. Plenty of overtime. Not much training is given to you. The benefits are really good. Equipment is also pretty good. There are definitely worse places to work.
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strong Union

good place to work, its a union job so they got you back. good pay for easy work, family atmosphere and very good company... that's been in the game for over 100 years.
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Excellent management / Many opportunities

Worked for ABF for 25 years and was supported by management throughout my tenure. Multiple opportunities along the way. Couldn’t speak more highly about any other company I’ve ever worked for during my career.
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Great place

Great place to work, definitely keep ya busy. Really have ya ready and a good team in the morn'n with scheduled deliveries & lots of home time. Some of the equipment is newer.
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Extra Board Blows

There is no schedule. You work and when you get back, you have a 10 hour reset and back out. A short run does not mean more home time, it just means you shift your sleep schedule
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No work life balance.

You wanna work here say goodbye to getting time off. You have to work 14 days to try and get 2 days off and it ain’t really 48 hours it was the worst experience of my life, but good good money
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Great company, poor management

I can’t speak for all locations but I can speak for Sacramento. Management started out very friendly and welcoming. However, during and after the contract negotiations the work environment got very hostile with the management team. It’s almost as if you’d be written up because they had to.Pros: the benefits were okay even though the health insurance will be changing. The pay rate was okay nothing great. Cons; being on call when you’re lower on the seniority list. You were usually called 1-2 hours before your shifts. So for example, they’d call you at 10pm to report into work at midnight 0000 hours. Hours for work weren’t consistent. Some weeks you’ll have 50-60 hours the next you’ll have 20.

Pro érvek

Insurance, pay

Kontra érvek

management, Chuck, hours, on call
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Not worthy they just stop calling you without advice

What is the best part of working at the company?Schedule flexibility locationof hubWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Senior coworkers manage more than supervisors What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Seniors coworker tell supervisors what to do no management on floor
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Cake work

Great company to work for. Super easy. Not rushed to get the job done. Expect long days when you are new. They be give out money. It’s too easy. Best job I had ever.
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ABF is a great company overall, but like most others, it has issues that need to be addressed.

What is the best part of working at the company?The company's upper management is doing a fine job growing the company conservatively. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Breakdowns in communication are common in San Antonio. Failure to inform customers and other supervisors of important issues happen way too often.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Several union employees make the job so much more difficult than it should. Unreasonable demands continue to plague the terminal. Several have lost focus that the company pays their wages, not the union. Most of the employees are very efficient and do not require a union to protect their jobs. Some, on the other hand, should be happy the union has their backs.
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Good pay, when you’re busy

The job is fine. You get tons of home time several times a week, the benefits are absolutely unbeatable, the pay is high middle of the road the only real problem is the work is really inconsistent until you have several years in and have enough security to get a bid. It is a union job and the drama involved in that sucks but you can stay out of it if you don’t want to get involved.
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Good benefits good people

Union Company. Can be great and bad at the same time.Good pay, home daily, dock work plus driving can be required especially for new drivers. Vacation rules are sub par.
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You have no life, but ABF

I can only speak for my terminal, but this place is ran terribly. The management couldn’t care less, and are clueless. They expect you to work 12-13 hours everyday m-f all year. Some may want that, but few do. There is NO work life balance here. To top it off this place has the most toxic environment I’ve ever worked in. We’re union, and I’ll just say there isn’t any unity amongst the drivers here, it’s pathetic! They will work you to the bone all week then lay you off on Friday after your 13 hr day as a thank you for your hard work. I’ve heard really good things about ABF, those days must be long gone or maybe it’s just my terminal and the way it’s ran.

Pro érvek

Pay & benefits

Kontra érvek

Pretty much everything else
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Could be better

ABF is a decent place to work. I’ve worked better places and I’ve worked worse places. The company’s management spends more time worrying about how to write people up than they do managing the freight rolling in and out. The benefits are pretty decent, could be better though.

Pro érvek

Union Benefits

Kontra érvek

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Good place to work overall. Typical city driving p&d. Once the driving portion was done I had to work the dock. Everything is seniority based. Being at the bottom meant you were guaranteed to have a lousy shift. Pay and benefits are good.
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Work life balance

The work life balance is nice once you get some experience and some seniority but other then that and the pay not a whole lot to brag about with this company
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Loved being an Operations Supervisor

I was the inbound supervisor at abf freight in Plainfield CT. Sadly I got into some personal legal trouble and couldn't return to work. I loved my job and the house. My boss was extremely easy to work with. Routing trucks and calling customers was my main task. I was hoping to take one more responsibilities. I hope one day I can go back and start again with the company.

Pro érvek

Great work environment

Kontra érvek

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Great Company To Work For

Great company, pay could be better but having a pension and free healthcare is pretty sweet. This is a Teamster job, and seniority is everything. I’d recommend it 100%.
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Productive and cool workplace

Typical day of loading and unloading freight, co workers are really cool. Lots of overtime if you need it and management is cool for the most part. Driver school program as well
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