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Good place

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Working at HQ isn't too bad. It is like every other place. It is what you put into it. There are some great leaders, and there are some that are lacking.
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plenty of free time

1099 100% commission based. worked ther 2 months for no pay 8hr days over 500 calls a day with no luck anywhere. finally landed a mid sized company sale and made like 300 dollars into my 3rd month. Training process is so bad and over all its a very bad place to work

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set your own schedule with zero oversite

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everything about it is a con or pyramid.
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Pay does not match effort at all

I didn't see a single dollar come into my bank account for almost two months working 30 hours a week because of how their commission system is set up. I believe it would truly be hard to find a worse job. Management tries to help you but 4 out of 5 people will unfortunately fail at this job.
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Good job of you put in the time.

I had a great experience working with Aflac as a sales representative and district coordinator. Opportunity to move up quick and a great job for meeting new people.
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There are so many better companies out there!

I rode, knocked doors, called and rode some more. Aflac gives you nothing to help you get started. Do yourself a favor and find a company that cares about the ones making their money.

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All of it
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Excessive meetings and group chats

Meeting after meeting, group chat after group chat cut into prospecting time. “Eh” at best and only if you have a FT secondary income (at least for the 1st two years.
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Productive and fun workplace

Aflac is a very good company to work for. It provides opportunities to start and grow your own business. Also it give you the ability to set your own schedule.
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Great Product. Great Potential. Great People.

If you are looking for a career that will let you flex your skills and pay you for the effort you are putting in, then Aflac is the place for you. There is no limit to your income potential. If you work hard and have quick success, a management position can come rather quickly.
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read each & ask questions about pay

not sure how the position works. 90 percent of revenue sits in their business account.. some say you’ll be paying to work when ever you first begin .. always make sure u know how your getting paid
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Fun good benefits

Good place to work, good benefits , low pay . Really enjoyed the time and coworkers even sometimes was hectic. It could be better and easy to get promotion
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Good leadership

I loved the leadership and positivity from everyone that worked hereThe pay was good and I had about 2 raises within a year good work life balanceA lot of ppl stay here for years
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Try to control you but you are the CEO

They try to make it feel like you are in a W2 job and participate in all these silly meetings that don’t generate income. If you need that sort of thing to hold you accountable it can be helpful but I felt it was a waste of time and training was redundant and a waste of time
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Lots of work but if you cant sell you will never be paid.

You'll go weeks even months without getting paid. Your not an employee you are a independent agent representing aflac. You pay your own taxes and expenses. Save your time and effort and find a real job.
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Good stable company

Compensation is normally aligned with the industry and market. Stable company where you can really grow. Cons - as a result of many companies working remote there are opportunities for higher paying remote positions
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Good Beginner Job

So there is no complaints as a recruiter. It’s a good beginner job. You aren’t directly hired by Aflac, you are a subcontractor. So your pay depends on who you land under. No room for growth but my RSC is the best.
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The people are great here.

It's just a commission only job so there is no salary. Management is awesome and they take care of you but if you're not setting appointments and selling then you're not getting paid.
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Not set up for success

6 weeks into working I was let go for “lack of productivity.” I feel like this was premature and I didn’t get a chance to actually step into the role. Majority of new agents who have a successful DSC will do just fine but if you have a DSC with a small book of business you’re basically on your own.
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Lots of walking and calling

If you are a patient, tenacious, young, and single person, this could be a good gig. There is potential for money, bonuses, trips, prizes, advancement, etc. You have to visit places relentlessly to get through gatekeepers who have seen dozens of Aflac reps before. The market in my region was highly saturated, making it difficult to stand out from the years of previous agents.
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Flexible job but low pay

Commission only and no benefits. They will hire anyone, and water down the pool of agents in doing so. You can make your own schedule, but they also expect you to attend weekly and monthly meetings on your own dime.
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Want to waste time and money?

Very misleading if you want to waste away all of your time and money you’re in the right place! Little to no training provided they over exaggerate the opportunity

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Supportive Work Place, Income = Effort Put In

People here are supportive & company provides an abundance of ways to learn. Income is based on how well you sell. You can earn 6 figure income if you put in the work or more. People are very friendly and always offer to help each other if you ask. This job requires you to have a go getter attitude and good at sales at least if you are a producer. Also, going through their training helps you learn how to read insurance contracts and coverage paperwork. Great skill to have in everyday life, not just work.
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